What I do


Seeing my client's success constantly drives me to do better. Why do better when everything is already doing good? Because I believe good is never good enough. The world of social media - your online appearance, and website algorithms are constantly changing. It is one of the most competitive places to be, and with technology constantly changing you need someone who can stay on top of all forms of your online presence for you.

Want to be the best? You need to get the best.


I rely on the metrics and analytics of your business to find places to improve and boost your ROI or follower base. I run my business to be very transparent; anything that I do is visible to you and you are always in control.

Whether you are just starting out or already established I can give you honest advice in order to make sure you are headed in the right direction. Allow me to do a Free Evaluation and get some great advice  today!

Who I am

Hi, My name is Kimberly Collins and I am a Social Media Marketer. Although that is my specialty I also pride myself in my many accomplishments in digital marketing, traditional marketing, website design, photo editing, Search Engine Optimization, Lead generation, business/marketing consulting, growth hacking, code, and pretty much anything to do with online marketing.

Version 2

My experience started off on a very low scale, and really - before Social Media was what it is today. I would help friends and colleagues with online promotions for clothing, small business', and personal fan pages. I would give them advice and show them little tricks on setting up Facebook and Twitter pages and how to obtain their first few hundred followers.

From there I grew it into a freelance 'business' where I could chat with friends and their friends about the benefits of social media then sign them onto short term, no obligation contracts and charge a monthly fee to take care of all the work that they didn't have the time for.
Within a short time I found myself with clients in 4 countries throughout North and Central America.
With the experience and interest I had in the industry I decided to dig in deeper and find a school that would provide me with more knowledge in the industry.

Shortly after this, I took a job with a marketing firm specializing in Real Estate Marketing in one of the fastest growing, and most expensive cities in the world. Although I only ended up dabbling in social media there I learnt some valuable skills in Real Estate and website design as well as Customer Relations.

Now I am back on the market and ready to take on new clientele while working in my area of expertise!

Get to know me more and see what I can do for you.

Contact me today and I will get started with a few tips and trick for you to take a look at.

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